Dynamic QuickSales follows the security role privileges assigned in Microsoft Dynamics 365. User should have the create privilege assigned to the respective entity in order to be able to create related records.

You can allow freight, allow discount on Products, allow VAT on products, allow to show parent products (Families and Bundles), allow addition of VAT on the product level, allow creation of write-in products, allow opening of the newly created record in a new window.

Yes, volume discounts configured in Dynamics 365 are applied when calculating the related product pricing.

The solution sets the price of the kit and creates all kit products when the Opportunity, Quote, Order or Invoice record is created.

Dynamic QuickSales supports currently Microsoft Dynamics 365 v9 for customer engagement online or on-premise. Please note that Internet Facing Deployment (IFD) is needed for on-premise deployments.

You don't need to enter any credit card details during the trial period.

When the trial period is over, you are required to enter credit card information to conduct payment.