No change will be made on any open records when the change is done on the VAT rate or VAT settings; however, you can change the tax on Opportunity/Quote/Order/Invoice Product manually or by changing the quantity.

When Enable Inheritance is set to Yes, and an existing Product is added to a Sales record (Opportunity, quote, order or Invoice) with that Product having no defined VAT Rate; the solution checks will go up the family tree to which this product belongs an applies the respective VAT rate found on the first Parent Product.

No changes will be applied to your taxes, the opportunity will be recalculated as per the products final prices.

No changes will be applied to your taxes, they remain as is. All changes to taxes must be done manually if needed for each Product.

The tax field for each product will be recalculated as per VAT rate setting and percentage (%) defined at the time of the revision.

Dynamic VAT supports currently Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for customer engagement online or on-premise.

Please note that Internet Facing Deployment (IFD) is needed for on-premise deployments.

You don't need to enter any credit card details during the trial period.

When the trial period is over, you are required to enter credit card information to conduct payment.